Bat Care

Bat Care

Here at 777 Cricket, we know how important it is to have the confidence in your bat; for it to help you with your performance and provide you with positive mindset to score runs! To maintain this here is some advice!

Bat Preparation

Purchasing one of amazing bats will not disappoint, but what will disappoint is if you have not knocked the bat in before using it. Now some people suggest ‘playing’ a bat in or using conventional knocking in methods i.e mallet. We suggest using both, however a bat must be knocked in sufficiently before ‘playing it in’.  

Knocking in

Conventional methods of using a wooden mallet is what we recommend, although machine knocking in is becoming a convenient and time effective method. We stress it is important that all playing edges and specifically toes are done by hand using a mallet.

Approximately 1 hour should be given to the edges and toe. You should visibly see the edge and toe slightly rounding off. We recommend that you don’t directly strike the edges but hit them at a 45 degree angle.  The next 2 hours should be spent on the edges and bat face all being conducted with a mallet.

The bat will then be ready to be ‘played’ in. This does not mean that the bat will be ready to be used in games, but for more gentle throwdowns and underarms throws with softer/ older cricket balls at training. If there are visible seam indents on the bat then we would suggest to repeat the knocking in process again.

Once your bat is knocked it, it should be lightly oiled using linseed oil (it is important you do not over oil a bat), dried and a protective bat face put on, before being used in games.

You should avoid using cheap substandard balls; these significantly reduce the bats life. Also avoid getting the toe of the bat wet!


At 777 Cricket we pride ourselves on designing equipment based on cricketers’ feedback. We have seen bats been stored in bags with kit, and them being subjected to getting damaged and picking up moisture from being with damp worn clothing.  Based on this; we ensured all our kit bags had individually secured bats compartments, so your bats(s) are protected from damage and moisture. So please do not just put your bats in the same compartment with all your kit.

We also advise that all cricket bats are not left in the boots of your car during season or training.

Off season we would suggest that you keep your bats stored somewhere at room temperature! And not dumped in attics, garages or outhouses open to varying temperatures throughout the year.

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